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Snow Jade Cave

Snow Jade Cave

Snow Jade Cave is rated as China’s most beautiful national geography that discovered in the mid-1990 in Fengdu. The cave is over 1,022 miles long. So far, it is the youngest cave discovered in China. Its uniqueness and beauty make it a popular scenic spot along Yangtze River and a research site for cave study.

As its name-Snow Jade, most of the stalactites in the cave are white and pure as Jade. Inside the cave, there are many spectacular and unusual karst formations including a stone waterfall, shields, stone hair, coral and animal shapes, stalactites, stalagmites and also curing stone. Hence Snow Jade Cave is a white marble sculpture museum.

Snow Jade Cave gathered four “Top 1” all over the world. The “Snowy Jade Penguin” is a 4-meter high stone shield, the biggest stone shield in the world. The coral tower in the cave is the largest of its kind in the world. The transparent and glittering King Stone Flag at 8 meters high is the world’s tallest and thinnest stone flag and cost 50,000 years to form. There are certain groups of stalactites that look like goose necks and some of them are as much as two yards long. It is the most serried group of stalactites all over the world.