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Stone-drum Town

Stone-drum Town

Located in the west of Old Town of Lijiang, Stone-drum Town is named for drum-shaped stone tablet made of white marble (diameter 15m, thickness 0.7m), which is one of the earliest stone tablet found at Lijiang. It stands by the Jinsha River and faces the great bend.

Massive stone coffins in ages covering from Spring and Autumn period (722 BC – 403 BC) to early Han Dynasty and Tibetan tablets in Tang Dynasty have been found here.

Stone Drum Town was a historically important town on the ancient tea-horse trading road, a central trade route for exchanging Tibetan horses and tea from the interior. Now it still has much well-preserved historic architecture, with simple and unsophisticated design. Since ancient times, it has been a bustling ethnic community, linking Tibet with the outside world. Here Tibetan people bring their quality fell, hide and herbal medicine and take home tea, salt, cloth and other necessities.