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Gansu Provincial Museum

Gansu Provincial Museum

Located at Qilihe District, Gansu Provincial Museum is viewed as the largest comprehensive museum in Lanzhou City, which is actually one of the best sights and a must-see for tourists.
Covering a total area of 18,000 square meters (16.5 acres), the museum is made of three separate buildings linked by corridors, and divided into two sections, namely the natural resources section and historic exhibits one. It boasts almost 75,000 pieces of historical relics, minority relics and rare animal specimens ranging from the Cretaceous Era to now. Among its entire thirteen exhibiting halls, there are five famous theme halls, including the Hall of Gansu Historical Relics, the Hall of Gansu Natural Resources, the Hall of Jiayuguan Murals of Wei and Jin Period, the Hall of the Yellow River Ancient Elephants, and the Hall of Red Army's Long March via Gansu. However, the most attractive one is the exhibition of Silk Road, which houses a collection of cultural relics from Gansu and other places along the western route.