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Flaming Mountain

Flaming Mountain

Situated in the northern edge of the Turpan Basin, Flaming Mountain is a well-known scenic spot in Turpan along the Silk Road, .

Flaming Mountain is about 10 kilometers away from northeastern Turpan, stretching up to over 100 kilometers from east to west and running 10 kilometers from south to north. 500 meters as its average elevation, its main peak is as high as 831.7 meters. With an average temperature of 30 degree, it is known as the hottest place on the earth and its highest temperature can even reach up to 47.8 degrees. In summer under the burning sun, with the sandstone glowing and scorching airflow rolling upside, the red clay mountain is like burning, thus getting the name “Flaming Mountain”. With its unique natural landscape and appearance in the famous book “The Journey to the West” by Wu Cheng’en in Ming Dynasty, the Flaming Mountain is connected with Monk Tang, Monkey King, Princess Iron Fan as well as Bull Demon King, making it full of mystery.

With its long history, rich ethnic customs and unique geography, the Flaming Mountain, as a bright pearl in the western China, is getting more and more popular among visitors home and abroad.