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Fuxi Temple

Fuxi Temple

Fuxi Temple refers to the temple with a statue of Fuxi, one of the three emperors in ancient China who invented lots of things like eight trigrams. It was originally built in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) to commemorate Fuxi, located in the western part of Fuxi Road, Tianshui City. This temple is also regarded as the largest of its kind in China.

The Fuxi Temple covers an area of 6,600 square meters, with four courtyards and countless courts. Inside the temple, 10 old buildings consist of the theatrical stage, the main gate, archways, the instrumental gate, Congenital Temple, Taiji Temple, Bell Tower, Drum Tower, and Laihe Hall; while 6 new buildings include Waiting Rooms, the Tablet Gallery and exhibition halls. There are about 76 buildings in total. Since these buildings are arranged symmetrically and regularly, the entire architectural complex looks rather majestic with distinct traditional Chinese style. As Fuxi is the first emperor in ancient legends, the complex is built like a palace, renowned as the country's largest architectural complex worshipping Fuxi.

Every year, on the 16th day of the first month of the lunar calendar, Fuxi's birthday, the pious worshippers will come to light candles and incenses, and listen to the banging of a drum. Thus the whole temple is filled with solemn silence.