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Duolun Road

Duolun Road

Located in Hongkou District, Duolun Road is a peaceful taste of the past behind bustling Sichuan Road. The road was built by the Municipal Committee of Shanghai, which was the construction administration of the Shanghai International Settlement in 1911. The road was located outside the international settlement. Such events often happened in the semi-colonized Shanghai, which was called "constructing the roads beyond the settlement area". With a length of 550 meters, Duolun road today is an attractive pedestrian street, especially for the tourists, reminding others of its historical value.

Entitled "Cultural Celebrities' Street", the road is a living memorial to the modern cultural celebrities of Shanghai and is also a condensation of modern culture. A lot of famous writers and celebrities, such as Lu Xun, Guo Moruo, Mao Dun, etc. lived in the little area around Duolun Road, making it vibrant with thoughts and literature. Some sites of former events and former residences of the celebrities are accessible and opened to the public.

The villas with different styles lining this pedestrianized road ("open air gallery of Shanghai architecture") are attractive examples of the Chinese and international architecture styles of this former American concession area.

In addition, the road is an excellent place for a stroll, with many interesting stuffs to see! You would be amazed to find a large collection of Mao-related souvenirs. The shops all along the road sell "old" books, coins, stamps, radios, posters and other interesting stuffs. Also, chopsticks museum, strange stone house, old newspaper collection, and many other niche collections, etc. can be found there. It's interesting to step into these dark dusty shops filled with entirely random objects.