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Forest of Steles

Forest of Steles

Forest of Steles is a place possessing a good deal of stone steles during different periods in ancient China. It is the earliest and largest forest of steles in China. Here you can enjoy various stonework classics, including stone tablets and stone sculptures, to appreciate extensive and profound Chinese calligraphy.

Built in 1087, the history of these steles can be traced back to Tang Dynasty. And the museum houses over 3,000 pieces of steles in many periods ranging from Han to Qing Dynasty. Upon entering the museum, you can see eight stele halls, seven showrooms and six stele galleries, which mainly display works of calligraphy, painting and historical records. Among all the steles, the Shitai Xiao Jing Stele is the largest and most famous one, which is on display in Temple of Confucius showing an indomitable spirit and an unusual demeanor.The Nestorian Stele is the most special one, which records the existence of Christian communities in several cities in northern China and reveals the first recognition of church by Emperor Taizong in Tang Dynasty in 635.