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Grape Valley

Grape Valley

As a gorge at the foot of the Flaming Mountain, the attractive Grape Valley is located nearly 11 kilometers northeast of Turpan. It stretches up to 8 kilometers from north to south and runs 2 kilometers from east to west, with a population of 8,972.

The gurgling sound of water in the man-made ditch from Tianshan Mountain adds freshness and vigor to the Grape Valley, making the mountain slope on each side like a green sea studded with various fruit trees, like peaches, apples and pears etc. In this valley, you can find blocks of farmhouses flickering in the shady woods and houses for drying grapes into raisin standing at the foot the mountain. In summer with picturesque scenery and cool breeze, Grape Valley becomes a paradise for avoiding heat. However, the Grape Valley is well known for its high quality grapes, which come in various categories such as Manaizi Grapes, Core-free White Grapes, Red Grapes and so on.

In the valley you can find amazing places everywhere. The first should be the reception center, where visitors can stroll under grape trellises, enjoying pearlescent grapes or tasting luscious grapes; the grape villa comes to the second place which is well equipped; besides, exhibition halls for grapes and customs in Turpan are also sightworthy.