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Yingxian Wooden Tower

Yingxian Wooden Tower

Situated in western Yingxian coutry and around 70 kilometers away from Datong, the Wooden Tower is also known as Sakyamuni Tower. Built in Liao Dynasty (907 - 1125), it is shaped in an octagon and is 67.13 meters high and 30 meters in diameter at the bottom. The wooden tower was completely made of wood without a single nail. Seen from outside, it has five stories; however, it has nine stories in total including the four hiding stories. Each story of the tower displays a statue and much calligraphy.

The pagoda is the oldest and highest total wooden pavilion-style pagoda preserved in China. It is recorded that it has survived seven earthquakes in the history, especially a great earthquake happened in Yuan Dynasty (1328 A.D.) which lasted for seven days. The pagoda stood firmly and remained intact after all that, testifying its rational use of components, fine construction and sound quality. It is regarded as one of the "Three Pagodas in the World", together with the Eiffel Tower in France and the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy.