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Salt Lake

Salt Lake

On the side of expressway running from Urumqi to Turpan, Salt Lake in Xinjiang can be found. It is located in the north of Tianshan Mountain, 72 kilometers away from Urumqi and 12 kilometers from Dabancheng city. Newly built Log houses and pergolas stand on the sandy beach with a long wooden trestle leading to the deep parts of Salt Lake.

Salt Lake covers an area of 37 square kilometers, with a salt pit of about 3 square kilometers as floating sector. Buoyancy of Salt Lake in Xinjiang is almost as same as that of Dead Sea in Middle East, while its compositions are quite different from each other. The main composition of Dead Sea is magnesium chloride while that in Salt Lake is mirabilite. Salt Lake with rich salinity makes people floating possible.

Once get off the car, accompanied by pleasant breeze, the sight of people floating dispersedly on the Salt Lake will come into view, some of whom are leisurely browsing magazines. On the upright post below the trestle within 1 to 2 meters from lake condensed a glistening piece of crystallized salt.