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Courtyard of Family Qiao

Courtyard of Family Qiao

Located in the central part of Qiao Town, 54 kilometers north to Taiyuan, capital of Shanxi Province, the Courtyard of Family Qiao occupies a total area of 8,725 square meters with a construction area of 4,175 square meters. It consists of 6 main courtyards, 20 small courtyards and 313 rooms. The traditional structure built in Ming and Qing Dynasties offers all tourists a better understanding of the history of Merchants from Shanxi. Overlooking the whole courtyard, you will find its construction looks like the Chinese character “囍” (“Xi”), which means double happiness. Besides, as a closed castle-like complex, its tall surrounding walls fully show the prestige of its masters. Entering the front gate, you will see an 80-meter-long path paved with stone that divides the mansion into two main parts: the Southern Yard and the Northern Yard. And all the buildings are splendid and orderly, demonstrating the residential style of big families in feudal society in North China.

Directed by Zhang Yimou, one of the best directors in China, Raise the Red Lantern has made the Courtyard of Family Qiao spread its fame overseas. Moreover, in the year 2005, a hot TV series named Courtyard of Family Qiao has further deepened people’s understand of this courtyard. As the best-preserved residential house in China, the courtyard has been opened up as the Jinzhong Folk Custom Museum, and is attracting tourists both from home and abroad.