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Nanshan Pasture

Nanshan Pasture

Nanshan Pasture, about 75 kilometers south of Urumqi City in Xinjiang Autonomous Region, is located at the foot of Tianshan Mountain Range. It is a natural paradise with vast area and fascinating scenery. The elevation around Nanshan Pasture is as high as 1,600 meters in average.

Nanshan slopes are covered by verdant dragon spruce and mountain flowers everywhere, with vast pasture stretching along lofty mountains. Every summer, with green grasslands dotted by sheep and running horses, limpid brook water turning and twisting along lofty mountain ranges, small waterfalls flying down silver dragon, and soft breeze delivering coolness, Nanshan Pasture, a land of beauty, becomes the most breathtaking grassland in Urumqi.

Either on pasture or in dense woods, visitors can enjoy picturesque scenery or take a horseback tour with a Kasakh guide. Visit to a local herdsman’s family of Kazakh nationality should be an attractive experince for tourists, through which they can immerse themselves in an authentic life. Besides, there are many other local and traditional activities tourists can enjoy like horse racing and sheep-snatching competition on horseback.