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Jin Memorial Temple

Jin Memorial Temple

Jin Memorial Temple has been listed as a must-see attraction by tourists when they plan a trip in Shanxi Province. With dozens of ancient buildings surrounded by wonderful natural landscapes, this temple is highly renowned as a combination of historical cultural relics and natural scenery.

Located at the foot of Xuanweng Mountain and 25 kilometers to the southeast of Taiyuan, this ancestral temple boasts ancient ritual buildings, sculptures, murals, as well as classic gardens. Entering this temple, people are mostly lured by its "Three Treasures", namely Never Aging Spring, Maid Statue and Madonna. Among them, the Madonna in the oldest building, Saint Mother Palace, is the most famous one. The Flying Bridge across the Fish Pond, with the Offerings Hall, plays a very important role in the research of ancient bridges of China.

Legend has it that the Jin Memorial Temple was first built in the Western Zhou Dynasty (11th century BC to 711 BC) in memory of Tang Shuyu, the second son of King Wu in Zhou and intelligent leader of Jin (a then state in Shanxi Province). It is said that Shuyu has devoted his whole life to making his state prosperous and people rich.