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Hongshan Park

Hongshan Park

Standing on Hongshan Mountain, Hongshan Park, a symbol of Urumqi, is an exceptional mountain park, which has developed into a comprehensive and natural mountain park embodying tourism, classic features, humane connotation as well as physical fitness.

There is a legend that says in ancient times a red dragon fled from the Heavenly Lake, caught by the Empress of the Heaven who sliced the dragon into two with a sword. Later on, a hill was formed from each half of the dragon. The western hill is Yamalike Hill and the eastern one is the Hongshan. The sword turned into the Urumqi River.

Upon the first arrival in Urumqi, Hongshan Park is a pleasant spot for a visit. The panoramic views from top of the mountain of the surrounding countryside and breathtaking mountains make the steep (but short) climb worthwhile.

Hongshan Park, with its unique charm, exquisite environment, rich cultural atmosphere, various attractions integrating pseudo-classic architecture and modern civilization, breathtaking recreational facilities, has been very popular among Urumqi citizens generation after generation.