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Huayansi Temple

Huayansi Temple

Located in Daxi Street, center of Datong City in Shanxi Province, Huayansi Temple is built based on one of the seven bulk of Buddhism-Huayan classic “Sutra”, thus getting its name. The main buildings in the temple consist of Upper Huayansi Temple and Lower Huayansi Temple, with its architecture, sculptures, and murals all being the model of art in China’s then Liao Dynasty.

The Upper Huayansi Temple is well known for its magnificent main hall. It is a complex of a few buildings with the Great Temple of Treasure as its main part. Entering through the gate, visitors can see two phrases carved in brick on top of both doors, “Nian Hua Xiao” and “Qing Zhu Jian” originated from a Buddhist story. Covering an area of 1,559 square meters, it is considered as one of the existing two biggest Buddhist halls in China.

Compared with the Upper Huayansi Temple, the Lower Huayansi Temple receives much attention for its sculpture art. The hall boasts 31 Buddha sculptures shaped in Liao Dynasty, two of which, with extraordinary elegant always gain appreciation and admiration from scholars and visitors. Of two classic sculptures, one joins palms and smiles with brilliant teeth, which you can enjoy nowhere; the other one Samantabhadra (called Puxian Buddha in Chinese) reveals refined facial expressions with unique charm.