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Nine Dragon Wall

Nine Dragon Wall

Nine Dragon Wall built during the regime of Zhu Yuanzhang (first emperor in Ming Dynasty) is located in central Datong within the old city ramparts and can be traced back to over 600 years ago. With 45.5 meters long, 8 meters high and 2.02 meters wide, Nine Dragon Wall is renowned as the largest and oldest Nine Dragon Wall existing in China.

With 426 glazed tiles fired specially in five different colors, the exquisite design of green wave at bottom is like sea, blue background like sky and white like clouds. These glazed nine dragons are lively just like flying swiftly upward. The space among flying dragons is filled with stones and float grasses. The bottom of the wall is carved with 41 groups of pictures of two dragons playing with the pearl, while the waist of the wall is decorated with 75 pieces of relieves made up of glazed bricks, like cattle, horse, sheep, dog, deer, rabbit and so on.

On June 25, 2001, Nine Dragon Wall in Datong was listed among the national key cultural relics protection units.