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Qutang Gorge

Qutang Gorge

Qutang Gorge, with a length of around 8 kilometers, is the shortest and most majestic among Three Gorges. There are two peaks, Mt. Baiyan and Mt. Chijia on the south and north of Yangtze River respectively, forming a gate that might be created by Heaven.

The red rock on the Mt. Chijia is like the fire burning in the space after sun up, but the Mt. Baiyan is shining the silver light, as the mountain is covered by white salt. The deep gorge, turbulent river, and stretching mountains form an impressive picture. On the southern bank one can find the Chalk Wall which is an unusual sight that numerous inscriptions are carved. Not far away, Mengliang Stairway and Hanging Monk Rock are located. The Bellows Gorge remains the ancient plank road, which is the place for ancient hanging coffins. The plank road was once the only way for people’s transportation and goods delivery while the river was in flood. The holes for the road’s supports were chiseled into the cliffs by the ancient people. It is really impressing!

Other attractions include the Rhinoceros Looking at the Moon. This is a unique stone in shape of a rhinoceros looking at the moon. One can see it not far from the Bellow Gorge. And to learn about Chinese Neolithic Culture, the Daxi Culture Heritage Site is perfect. Besides, don’t forget the Iron Lock Pass, which is used to prevent enemy invasions during the Song Dynasty (960 – 1279).