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Wu Gorge

Wu Gorge

Wu Gorge is the second gorge of Three Gorges along Yangtze River and is famous for its elegance. It starts from the estuary of Daning River (east of Wushan) in the west and ends at Guandukou in Badong, Hubei Province, winding over 25 miles.

Wu Gorge has two parts, Golden Helmet and Silver Armor Gorge and Iron Coffin Gorge. With sight of strange peaks, grotesque rocks as well as fog and clouds surrounding the gorge, it is usually the most notable of three gorges. In Wu Gorge, canyons are long and deep, the daily period of sunlight is short which makes the dispersal of air borne moisture within the gorge been impeded. That’s the way to create clouds and fog in a variety of fantastic shapes.

Twelve peaks along both banks are the most prominent aspects of the scenery of Wu Gorge. Among them, the most well-known and highest peak is Goddess Peak. It is the first peak to welcome sunrise and say farewell to sunset. Hence it is also called Wangxia Peak. Daning River, as the largest tributary, flows into Yangtze River from the western mouth of Wu Gorge.