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Xiling Gorge

Xiling Gorge

Xiling Gorge starts from Xiang Stream in Zigui County in the west, ends with Nanjin Pass. Zigzagging about 49 miles, it is the longest gorge among Three Gorges of Yangtze River. Xiling Gorge is well known for its danger as numerous reefs and odd-shaped stones exist in rapid shoals.

There is full of historical sites, such as, Military and Sword Gorge, Ox Liver and Horse Lung Gorge, Kongling Gorge, Yellow Cat Gorge, Shadow-play Gorge, Green Beach, Xie Beach, Kongling Beach, Huangling Temple, Three Traveler’s Cave, Lu You Stream and other monuments.

As your boat cruises downstream out of Nanjin Pass, the scenery of dangerous cliffs and shoals will be left behind. On the two banks of Nanjin Pass, the cragged majestically peaks tower into the sky and rivers become narrow. The pass here is like a mouth of a flask. It is a natural boundary of the upper and middle sections of Yangtze River due to its great strategic value, it was the battles point frequently in history.