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Former Residence of General Stilwell

Former Residence of General Stilwell

Situated in Yuzhong Region of Chongqing, General Joseph W. Stilwell Museum occupies an area of about 1.2 acres. It was founded in memory of Joseph W. Stilwell, an American general who contributed a great deal to the Chinese people. From 1942 to 1944, United States Army lieutenant - General Joseph W. Stilwell was ordered to Chongqing as a chief of staff in China Theater of Operations and the Commander-in-Chief of American Army in China Burma India Theater (CBI). He took part in a series of considerable political and military issues in eastern battlefield, and built a profound friendship with the Chinese people. General Joseph W. Stillwell’s activities in Chongqing are historical witness of the friendship during the wartime, and also an important cultural heritage for Chinese and American.

The former residence of General Joseph W. Stilwell is the main building of the museum. It is a three-storied house, consisting of an office, an adjutant room, two meeting rooms, bedrooms and a basement. Simple furniture is shown as same as the time that he lived here. More than one hundred articles and his uniform are also displayed. In center of the residence's courtyard, a monument which is engraved a passage of epigraph that written by Franklin Delano Roosevelt stands. There is a bust of General Joseph W. Stilwell near the monument, which gives visitors a vivid portrait of this great general.