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Mt.Huangshan is located in south of Anhui province. As a popular saying, trips to China's Five Mountains render trips to other mountains unnecessary, and a trip to Mt. Huangshan renders trips to Five Mountains unnecessary.(Five Mountains includes Mt. Taish Shandong Province, Mt. Huashan in Shaanxi Province, Mt. Hengshan in Shanxi Province, Mt. Songshan in Henan Province and Mt. Hengshan in Hunan Province). Worth – mentioned, the zoological species of Mt. Huangshan has been listed as a World Natural and Cultural Heritage Site.
Lotus Peak is the highest peak within east China area, and first peak of Mt. Huangshan for sure. On the way from Lotus Range to the top, you can see dragon pine, upside down pine and Mt. Huangshan azalea. On the top of Lotus Peak, you will have a full sight view about Mt. Tianmu on the east, Mt.Lu on the west and Yangtze River on the north.
There are four wonders in Mt. Huangshan that you must be exclamatory. They are strange pines, absurd stones, sea of clouds and hot springs. Strange pines and absurd stones always make many special pictures together. With the imagination, they are seems like talking some stories about Mt. Huangshan to you. The sea of clouds, this name is showing you the imposing view on a fairy tale beauty. Don’t forget hot springs are the best ways of enjoyment and relaxation to refresh you.