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West Sea Canyon

West Sea Canyon

West Sea Canyon, the most beautiful and deep scenic area of Mt. Huangshan, is a 9-mile-long U-shaped canyon. Besides the sea of cloud, it is also noted for abundant grotesque peaks and varied stones.
West Sea Canyon is also known as "white clouds Valley". It is an enclosed space that composed by Shizhu Mountain, Stone Bed Peak, Thin Knife Peak, Flying Stone, Pai Yun Pavilion, Danxia Peak, Pine Peak and the left front Nine Dragons Peak, Yunwai peak and others rocks. In the valley, you can always see that mountain is beside mountain, mountain is inside a mountain. The levels is distinct, the outline is clear, the shape is strange and magnificent.
Mountains here are different from the front mountains which are majestic, they are seems like crushing shaped peaks. Seemingly the sense is shaky; in fact, they are very steady. Other feature of the West Sea Canyon is quiet and you can simply enjoy the smell from the nature slowly.