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Hongcun Village

Hongcun Village

Hongcun Village is a village in beautiful Chinese picture, because of its location at high altitude and being shrouded by clouds and mist.
It is built in the shape of an ox. The locals liken Leigang Hill as the 'head', two huge trees on the hill as the 'horns', the residences in it as the 'body', a winding stream as the 'intestines', a crescent pond as the 'stomach' and the four bridges as the 'four feet'.
It has more than 140 residences from Ming and Qing dynasties. Built with pink walls and black tiles, all the residences are better arranged. The nature scenery and locals together, become a Chinese traditional painting. The special architecture arrangement makes Hongcun Village a wonder of heritage all over the world. Numerous varieties of figures and patterns are carved on the columns, beams and door frames and are gilded with gold. Hundreds of visitors from home and abroad are fascinated by its wood carvings. It enjoys the reputation of “Folk Forbidden City”.