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Xintiandi pedestrian shopping district

Xintiandi  pedestrian shopping district

Located in the city centre, south of Huaihai Road, Xintiandi is divided into two sections, the South Block and the North Block by Xingye Road. Modern architecture is the motif in the south block while well-preserved Shikumen is the major architecture in the north. The delightful cobbled streets of the two blocks are taken up by untold modern restaurants, clubs, cafes and boutiques. The modern facilities are accessorized with old bricks, stone gates and ornately carved wooden balconies. What's more, night in Xintiandi is extremely dynamic and colorful. Especially after 10 o'clock, people of different nationalities, different colors and different languages come here to enjoy the most charming night of Shanghai.

Shanghai Xintiandi is a famous attraction that presents historical and cultural features of Shanghai as well as the integration of oriental and western characteristics. In this area, Shikumen, which reflects history and culture of Shanghai, is given commercial functions and transferred into an international fashion and entertainment mall that integrates cater, shopping and performance.

Wandering along streets here, it is like strolling in the Shanghai of 1920s or 1930s. However, upon entering each building, you will be surprised by the modern and fashionable architectures.