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Master-of-Nets Garden

Master-of-Nets Garden

Located at Canglang District, Master-of-Nets Garden is a typical residential building of Qing Dynasty. Though renowned as the smallest garden in Suzhou, it is the most impressive one for its artful use of space which creates the illusion of an area that is much greater than its actual size.

Master-of-Nets Garden covers an area of 5,400 square meters and is divided into the eastern and western sections. The eastern part consists of residential quarters, which is also a linear sequence of four halls, one tower and three courtyards, while the gardens are located in the western part. Lies at the western garden are an ensemble of buildings around the 334 square meters Rosy Cloud Pool. Lovely plants and fancy rocks are used to create views which represent several seasons. We all know that sometimes the smallest package can contain the most magnificent gift, if so, Master of Nets Garden is a typical example.

In this exquisite garden, the most special one is Ye garden, where performances like Kunqu, Pingtan and Guzheng can also be part of tourists’ interests. Performance of Jiangnan flavor combined with unique Suzhou garden makes the scenery full of southern charm.