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Impression Liu Sanjie

Impression Liu Sanjie

Being a large - scale landscape performance related to ethnic customs, Impression Liu sanjie is set in a famous minority women singer Liu sanjie. According to a minority's legend, she has a beautiful voice and a deep love for a boy. But in those days the marriage decision, not in their hands, is but in their master's hands. Thus the two lovers decided to elope. But unfortunately they failed and were forced to return to the master. In their insistence, the master agreed to give them a chance which is to make a decision by a song competition. If the girl wins the competition then she can be together with her boy, otherwise she has to marry her master. During the competition the girl showed her beautiful voice and won the competition. But the evil master ate his words and was not willing to let her go. The two lovers were separated and a tragedy was followed.

The show was directed by the world-famous Chinese director Zhang Yimou. Director Zhang is famous not only because that he is the director for the opening ceremony for the 2008 Beijing Olympics but also that he for the first time made Chinese movies known to the whole world.

The whole performance is displayed on the water and used the real limestone hills as its background and real local minority people as its actors and actresses. With music resources, natural landscape and customs of Guangxi integrated, the performance shows not only legend but also the local life in Li River. It is featured in largest landscape performance and integration of folk and modern. It is really a feast to eyes and ears and deserves a watch, especially for those who want to learn more about Chinese culture in this area.