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Beijing's Hutongs are a twisting labyrinth of alleyways and courtyard homes. People in Beijing traditionally lived in Hutongs. The Hutong communities are very special. Since most people have lived in the Hutongs for generations, they all know each other and each Hutong is like a mini community inside the bustling metropolis.

At the first sight, all hutongs look the same with grey wall and grey tile, but no; if you take some time to walk around some hutongs and have a talk with people there, you will find each hutong has its own story, just like a small folk museum, thus, Beijing hutongs carry millions of legends for thousands year.

Many visitors coming from all over the world choose to hire a pedicab or rent a bicycle to make a visit to these Hutongs. Shuttle from and to the ancient alleyways and pee at ancient courtyard homes, visitors are taken back to a more slow paced life and feel the ancient taste beyond the modern social.

Quadrangle with Hutongs which have been very familiar for people, having a history of more than 700 years now suffer from the urban renovation and economic development in China, and they are slowly disappearing from Beijing.