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Yulong River

Yulong River

Yulong River, an essence of landscape in Yangshuo, is the biggest branch of Li River and famous for its green hills, clean water and unique bridge. It originates from Guli River in Lingui County with a length of 44 kilometers and width of 30 to 60 meters.

Unlike the busy Li River, it has no motorized boat traffic, hence the best two ways to enjoy the beautiful scenery are by foot or raft. Upon arrival, the first scenery along Yulong River is amazing Fuli Bridge which is made of bluestone and reflected on the water as a huge egg. This charming clear water runs smoothly past fields, farmhouses, trees and mountains. If you want to have a great view along Yulong River, bamboo raft is sure your smart choice. Looking from the mountaintops, you can see a vivid panorama of the landscape with green crystal water flowing through the colorful valley below. Then sitting on the reclining chair on the raft, you will be surrounded by the crystal water and feel relaxed and happy in the arms of the green mountains.
This is the best opportunity to enjoy an all around view of the natural, rural life along the river. Women washing clothes beside the river, ducks swimming on the water, bamboo rafts moving under the old bridge, and farmers working in the fields, green trees and lush bamboo standing at both sides of the river and greeting every lovely visitor, all of the above make us a harmonious picture of Yulong River.