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The No. 1 Silk Factory

The No. 1 Silk Factory

As we all well know, silk is always a famed representative of ancient Suzhou; the No.1 Silk Factory is just a shinning card of Suzhou silk. Located in Canglang district and built in 1926, the present No.1 Silk Factory of Suzhou is not only a workshop for silk reeling, weaving and products manufacture, but also a site for factory tour of silk knowledge and silk shopping.

The factory is built on the former site of a foreign concessions consulate with sceneries of yellow walls shaded by tall trees and silk producing. In the No.1 Silk Factory, the travel is a comprehensive project with knowledge, culture and participation. Visitors can watch the overall process of silk products from manual peeling of cocoons to drawing producing.

In this shopping area, more than 1000 designs of silk products such as silk knitted dress, silk tatting clothes, silk quilt, silk embroidery etc., are for choice.