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Ancient Canal

Ancient Canal

Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, also known as The Grand Canal of China, is a famous ancient grandeur project. First built in Sui Dynasty, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal is the longest ancient canal in the world which connected the north and south in ancient times.

This man-made miracle is about 1,798 kilometers long totally and plays important roles in both culture and economy. The Grand Canal in Suzhou has been the best part for shipping due to the wide surface, abundant and crystal clear water. On both sides of the bank, white walls and black tiles are dotted. The 53-hole Belt Bridge crossing the old canal was first built in Tang Dynasty.

Traveling on this splendid canal, you will be immersed in the beauty of typical ancient river towns in south region of Yangtze River. More than 20 stone bridges in diverse styles of traditional designs, ancient river town dwellings and historical relics are seated there. Typical plaster wall, small bridge, soft dropping willow, the setting sun, as well as the floating boat, all reflect on the mirror-like water and provide visitors a harmonious water paradise. Interesting historical story and delicious food of local flavor will also definitely impress you.