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Kadinggou Falls

Kadinggou Falls

Kadinggou Falls is also along 318 National Rd (the section between Lhasa and Nyingchi), with 24 kilometers from Bayi Town. Under the influence of humid airflow from Indian Ocean, it is of typical canyon physiognomy, with high mountains, steep cliffs and giant cypresses on both sides. The falls, along with its surrounding landscape, offers tourists a natural world.

Kadinggou Falls is nearly 200 meters, with a spectacular momentum. It is said that a statue of Buddha with kind smile on his face, flickers in the falling water; hence, its name Kadinggou Falls comes into being. Also a picture of a Tibetan beauty could be seen through a telescope in the top right corner of the falls. Therefore, it must have lots of fascinating legends here. The Kadinggou Falls also has an extraordinary position in the mind of those local Tibetans. It will also bring you a great shock after your enjoying of this wonder.