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Tomb of Princess Yongtai

Tomb of Princess Yongtai

Tomb of Princess Yongtai is situated 2.5 kilometers southeast of Qianling Mausoleum and was built to the same specifications as those of an empress' tomb. Li Xianhui, Princess Yongtai was the seventh daughter of Emperor Zhongzong and granddaughter of Emperor Gaozong and Empress Wu Zetian of the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907).

The tomb is pyramid-shaped with 87.5 meters long and 3.9 meters wide, with a chamber of 16.7 meters deep. It is made up of the main tomb passage, doorways, skylights, niches, an antechamber and a tomb chamber, 87.5 meters long and 3.9 meters wide in total. The exquisite and vivid murals covering the walls on both sides of the tomb passage are eye-catching, depicting famous buildings and towers, the rich trappings of courtly life and magnificent ceremonial parades. In front of the tomb mound, the entrance path is lined with a pair of stone lions, two pairs of stone figures, and a pair of obelisks.

The tomb is home to about 1,000 valuable cultural artifacts including murals, pottery and wooden figurines, tri-color glazed pottery figurines, gold vessels, jade articles, as well as cooper ware etc.

With its cultural and historical value, Tomb of Princess Yongtai is really worth a visit in your China tour.