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Biri Mountain

Biri Mountain

Located in the southeast of Bayi Town in Nyingchi, Biri Mountain ranks the first among four mountains for local Bonpo in Tibet. A legend goes that the trunk in the mountain grows twisted due to a religious guardian war.

Holy mountain, sacred trees and Museum of Natural History feature Biri Mountain. Biri Mountain plays a unique role in Tibet due to the admiration from local Bonpo, and each year on Saga Dawa, Apr 15 by Tibetan calendar, religious believers will pray while walking around the mountain. There exists an interesting worship of Tianti, which is in fact a huge hollow tree regarded as sacred tree by the believers. When kids die young, their bodies are always put in a box and buried in the branch of the tree to pray their soul can ascend to heaven. Besides these two features, Nyingchi Natural Ecological Museum in the mountain displays specimens of flora and fauna, a comprehensive reflection of rich & original ecological landscape.