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Sangke Prairie

Sangke Prairie

Situated 10 kilometers west of Xiahe County, Gansu Province, Sangke Prairie gets its name from the blossoming sangke flowers which form a natural carpet in summer. At an elevation of 3000 meters and with an area of 70 square kilometers, it enjoys a high fame for its gorgeous green pastures and frequent magnificent Buddhist ceremonies.

Surrounded by mountains on its four sides, Sangke Prairie is a vast expanse of lush grasslands, with Daxia River winding from south to north like an undulating silk belt. Such amazing sceneries along with countless sheep, yaks and tents scattered, combine into the natural rural scenery. For visitors, it’s an ideal place to experience the nomadic life and return to the nature.

Tents for an overnight, traditional Tibetan food like yak-butter tea, stuffed steamed buns, mutton, and Zanba are provided to tourists in the prairie; besides, tourists could enjoy bonfire party, folk dances, and travel by bicycle or on horseback. Above all, tourists could really return to nature and have a full taste of unique nomadic lifestyle in Tibetan district.