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Waterwheel Garden

Waterwheel Garden

Located in Binhe Middle Road in Lanzhou, Gansu Province, the Waterwheel Garden was built in 1994. With an area of 1.45 hectares, it is made up of two waterwheels, a cofferdam, a recreation area and a house of water mill.

Originated from Ming Dynasty, waterwheel is regarded as the oldest irrigation tool along the Yellow River in ancient Lanzhou with long history and unique appearance. As a famous invention of ancient China, it was named "Heaven Wheel", "Fan Wheel", "Irrigative Wheel" and "Tiger Wheel" at different periods of the history. Waterwheel Garden was designed as a sightseeing garden to honor the invention of this ancient irrigation instrument.

In this garden, two huge waterwheels with striking appearances stand uprightly on the south bank of the Yellow River. They are modeled on the antique waterwheels, having quadrate buckets and a diameter of 16.5 meters. In high water periods, they are driven by flowing water from the river; in low water periods, they are driven by water gathered by cofferdam.

It is certainly an amazing experience for visitors to tour around the Waterwheel Garden, a restoration of the ancient irrigation system.