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Lama Temple

Lama Temple

Lama Temple is the largest Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Beijing and regarded as one of the important Buddhist temples at Han nationality areas by the State Council in 1983. The temple is mainly comprised of three exquisite arches and five grand halls. Lama Temple’s south yard stands with the three storied steles, a huge shadow wall and a pair of stone lions. Over archway, there is a bricked corridor that is commonly named Chariot Road. The North is the Lama Temple’s gate -- Zhaotai gate. Within both sides of the gate are Bell Tower and Drum Tower. The external corridors are solemn that is rare at elsewhere. Next to Drum Tower, there is an eight-ton heavy copper pot which used to boil Laba porridge. It’s very compelling. There are two octagonal steles located on north of Bell Tower and Drum Tower respectively. The Eastern stele has Han and Manchu inscription of Emperor Qianlong (Qing dynasty) on it, and the Western stele states the historical reasons that reforms Yonghe Lamasery into Lama Temple in Tibetan and Mongolian.