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Wild Elephant Valley

Wild Elephant Valley

The elephant is a symbol of good luck, power and longevity to the Dai people in Xishuangbanna.
Wild Elephant Valley is located at the juncture of east and west regions of Xishuangbanna Mengyang National Natural Reserve. It gradually becomes a place for wild Asian elephants passing by, which make it a frequent gathering zone. Several groups of elephants with its number up to 60 are often seen here. It is the only natural reserve where tourists could have a close contact with wild elephants under safety guarantee. There are a 300-metre-long "Observing Elephant Platforms" on the trees and also some small and exquisite observing houses which are specially built for visitors’ accommodation on the trees.
Asian elephants constitute the main wildlife here, besides elephant, bear, bison, clouded leopard, wild dog, wild boar, porcupine, sambar, chamois, muntiacus, civet cat, pheasant, silver pheasant, partridge, boa, cobra, king cobra, guana, ratufa bicolor, hop frog and agama can also be found here. The Valley is also a home to a larger number of rare birds. Every year, bird-watching groups would come to observe birds here.
Kindly inform that, sometimes the wild elephants may attack people when they feel danger or anger, so tourists should stay in the designated places along with guides for their own safety and a peaceful atmosphere for wild elephants.