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Guangzhou Museum

Guangzhou Museum

Guangzhou Museum, located in Guangzhou Yuexiu Mountain, Zhenhai Tower, was formally opened on February 11, 1929, creating one of the earliest museums in China. It is a specialized agency for collection of Guangzhou historical artifacts, holding exhibitions and scientific research. Zhenhai Tower is also a famous ancient building in Guangzhou. Through continuous development of Guangzhou Museum, there are Guangzhou Museum of Art, Sanyuanli People's Anti-British struggle Memorial, the ”3.29” Uprising Headquarters Site Memorial in addition. Guangzhou Museum is a comprehensive historical museum with a lot of local characteristics. It is an important place for the collection and display of historical relics in Guangzhou. Guangzhou Museum exhibits nearly a thousand pieces of ancient and modern pictures. They are information about the Guangzhou historical overview, the development situation and the local culture characteristics. At the same time, Guangzhou Museum organizes various thematic memorial provisional exhibitions to fulfill people’s knowledge regularly.

The majority collections in Guangzhou Museum are the archaeological finds of archaeological excavation. These artifacts are the basis of collections. Currently, the collections are around 100 thousand pieces.