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Yangshuo Big Banyan Tree

Yangshuo Big Banyan Tree

Located on the west bank of Jinbao River and 7 kilometers away from the center of Yangshuo, Big Banyan Tree is said to have a history of nearly 1,400 years. Now it is 17 meters high, 7.1 meters around the main trunk which takes six men to circle with their arms stretching out. Although its stem is very old and its roots twist, its branches and leaves stretch out so lushly that the sunshine could hardly penetrates its shadow.

It is under this tree that Liu Sanjie declared her admiration to her lover The A Niu. So this tree is one symbol of love as well, attracting many lovers coming here to make wishes. Besides, people in ancient times believed the tree to be as powerful as god. It is said that if a sick person writes his wish for health on a piece of red paper and sticks it to the tree, his wish for good health will be granted and he will recover.