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Manting Park

Manting Park

Manting Park, located in the vicinity of Manting village and just over a mile outside of town, is also known as Chunhuan (Spring Joy) Park. It is the oldest park in Xishuangbanna by dating back 800 years and used as a royal park of Dai kingdom. Now it becomes a park of royal palace and religious culture.

Xishuangbanna general monastery and the institute of Buddhism are in the park. It is also home to a beautiful white pagoda and an octagonal pavilion was set among a thicket of enormous ancient banyan trees, lush rain forest and colorful gardens. Here, you'll experience a beautiful Southeast Asian tropical landscape. The park is a popular spot for celebrating the annual Dai Water-Splashing Festival. Tourists may join them in singing and dancing while having typical Dai food and rice wine in the park.