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City Wall

City Wall

The ancient City Wall is traditionally referred to the military remains of the ancient China. It was first built by Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang (the first emperor in Ming Dynasty), aiming to protect its court, and at that time the strong walls around the “capital” area were used as a defense against enemies. The entire defensive system also includes moat, drawbridge, ramparts, embrasure towers, the main tower, turrets, watchtowers, parapets and crenels.

The City Wall in Xi’an has a long history over 600 years. And it is well-known for its thickness. At the foot of the City Wall, you will find that the thickness of the wall is bigger than its height, making it steady and strong. On the wall roof, it even allows the drill of cavalry. The whole city wall is now divided into four parts, including the East City Wall, West City Wall, North City Wall and South City Wall, and each of them has an arched gate in it.