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Octagonal Pavilion

Octagonal Pavilion

Jingzhen octagonal pagoda is located in Jingzhen village, Menghai village and about 15 kilometers away from the center of county. The pavilion is said to be constructed to honor Sakyamuni-the founder of Buddhism by modeling after his hat. Now it stands as a Buddhist landmark in Xishuangbanna. It was originally constructed as a meeting room for senior monks from Mengzhe region in 1701. Later, it was destroyed and reconstructed.

The temple is composed of three parts: the base which is made from brick, the body and roof which are made from wood. The ten roofs on its upper part is novel with a fantastic eight-sectioned ten-tiered roof rising steeply to a round cupola, symbolizing the different levels of Theravada Buddhists’ self-realization; eight attics are arranged around its roof part, which stand for eight disciples of Sakyamuni. Also, pretty copper bells are hanging around the roof. On the 15th and 30th of every month (Tai year), all Buddhist in Jinzhen congregate here to listen to the local eminent monk deliver his sermon.

In 1988, Jingzhen Octagonal Pavilion was listed as a key protected cultural relics unit by the State Council.