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Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show

Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show

Xi’an, which was formerly known as Chang'an has a very long history, and was once the imperial capital for 13 dynasties. Among these, Tang Dynasty (618 - 907) was the most prosperous and glorious one. It is a powerful feudal empire dynasty in Chinese history. During this period, China stepped into an unprecedented age of unity and solidarity, took the lead in Asia even in the world.

Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show presented today is an outstanding exponent of this ancient stable and prosperous society, keeping alive its splendid culture and providing an insight into the peaceful life style of the period. By combining poetry with the skilled playing of musical instruments, singing, dancing and also stunning costumes, the modern presentation is certain to give audiences an impressive view of ancient China including its splendid history, brilliant arts, distinct traditions and customs and lead them back to a dreamlike imperial feast of Tang Dynasty. The whole performance lasts about one hour and 15 minutes, and the programs are regularly updated.

The Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show has now become a classic entertainment that has been warmly appreciated by hundreds of thousands of audiences for more than twenty years. The production has toured many other cities in China as well as numerous foreign countries such as Japan, Russia, Korea, Singapore, Norway, Denmark, etc.