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Longsheng Terrace Fields

Longsheng Terrace Fields

Situated in high mountains and lofty hills, Longsheng Terrace occupies an area of 71.6 square kilometers. With 1,180 meters and 380 meters as elevations of the highest part and the lowest part of the terrace respectively, the vertical throw reaches 800 meters; besides, terrace enjoys moist and temperate climate. For these reasons, you will see mountains covered with floating cloud and mist in the distance, while torrential flow from river valley up close. Up coming here in rainy days, you will be immersed in this poetic and artistic, as if a Chinese painting or a mysterious fairytale.

Characterized by tremendous momentum, flowing line, changing romantic charm and particular folk custom, it is well - known in China and abroad as "the best terrace in the world".

All natural food "Longji Four Treasures" consisting of Longji watery wine, Longji chili, Longji Kam sweet rice and Longji Tea can be found here.