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Reed Flute Cave

Reed Flute Cave

Seated at five kilometers away from Guilin downtown in the northwest, Reed Flute Cave is a scenic spot based on cave tour and supplemented by pastoral scenery. There is a special kind of reed which is an ideal material for making flute growing at entrance to the cave and which the name originates from.

The deepness and run length is about 240 meters and 500 meters respectively. Described as "Art Palace of Nature", the whole cave is full of massive colored and dazzling stalagmite, columns, and stone flowers in various shapes that forms breathtaking spectacles and creates strong visual impact. Tour trace has been left since Tang Dynasty and 77 wall paintings of each dynasty have been retained. Since its discovery and development in 1959, all kinds of restaurants, teahouses, pools, bridges, etc. have been built; besides, massive flowers and trees have been planted there that make it a popular sightseeing spot for both Chinese and foreign tourists.