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Tibet Museum

Tibet Museum

Officially inaugurated in October, 1999, Tibet Museum boasts various permanent collections and shows history of Tibetan culture with modern equipment provided. It takes Tibetan history as the main thread and Tibetan culture as the center in exhibiting the long history of the Tibetan people and their vast and deep culture. About 1,000 precious objects are on display in a space up to 3,000 square meters. The contents are divided into prehistory culture, indivisible history, culture and arts, as well as people's customs.

Prehistory culture and Indivisible History

With a large number of characteristic stone tools, pottery, bone objects and metal objects, these exhibitions express the life of the ancient people in Tibetan plateau, besides, it also revolves the relationship between the Chinese central government and the Tibetan regional powers, and the relations between Han and Zang or Tibetan people by a large number of historical valuable objects.

Cultural Arts and People's Culture

It displays the development of artistic and cultural overview of Tibetan arts over the last thousand years. They are historical evidence of the history of Tibetan civilization. Moreover, it also reflects friendly relations of Tibetan people with those on their borders, including the influence of Han culture on Tibetan culture and the mutual influence and interpenetration of these two traditions.