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Yamdrok Lake

Yamdrok Lake

Yamdrok Lake, also called Yamdrok Yumtso, is a lake with two long arms of water, making it like a scorpion from the sky. Situated between Lhasa and Gyantse, it is separated from Yarlung Zangbo River only by a mountain. Yandork Lake, Namtso Lake and Lake Manasarovar are regarded as “Three Sacred Lakes in Tibet”. The lake occupies an area of 638 square meters with an elevation of 4,441 meters and a shoreline of 250 kilometers.

Yamdrok Lake is also home to an excellent pasture and the biggest captive breeding fishing ground in Tibet. There are 21 islands standing on the lake, making it the biggest waterfowl habitat. Moreover, Yamdrok Lake Power Station, the highest pumped storage power station, is also located here.

The lake is surrounded by many snow-capped mountains and is fed by numerous small streams. When strolling around Yamdork Lake, you will be stunned by truly magnificent views there. At times there is a lot of fog, but it changes by the minute, so wait around and you will see the extraordinary color and shape of this unique lake. In addition to photo taking, take a few minutes to sit and gaze upon this creation. It is truly breathtaking.