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Karola Glacier

Karola Glacier

Located at the border of Nagarze County and Gyantse County, and about 71 kilometers away from Gyantse County, Karola Glacier serves as the eastern source of Nianchu River, and it is also one of three continental glaciers.

Standing at an area of about 5,600 meters away from mountain pass in the north with an elevation of around 5,400 meters, you will view the breathtaking scenery of the Karola Glacier.

Karola Glacier leans on southern slope of Mt. Nojin Kangsang (7,191 meters); the upper is an ice cap with a gentle slope, and the lower are two ice tongues presenting two hanging glaciers. The whole glacier occupies an area of 9.4 square kilometers.

Ice and snow are melting along ice layer that forms colorful and magnificent seracs. Various shapes of cirrus clouds are presented on these seraces due to mixed snow and dust that look like patterns carved and dug precisely by skilled craftsman.

Starting from places where cloud floating on the summit, huge glacier extends to a roadside only a few hundred meters away from a highway. Though affected by dust from road for years, there is a clear distinction between black and white on the glacier. The upper looks like a giant glittering Thangka hanging on the glacier in the sunshine.