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New Palace of Panchen Lama

New Palace of Panchen Lama

The New Palace of Panchen is one of the best known tourist attractions in Shigatse, Tibetan Autonomous Region. Standing at southwest of Shigatse, it acts as a summer retreat built by 10th Panchen Lama. This magnificent palace greatly mixes both traditional and modern architectural styles, housing many cultural relics and art treasures, among which, the most delicate is a fresco named ”Phags-pa lama meeting Kublai Khan”, depicting Lama Chogyal Phakpa (1235-1280 AD) joining the court of Kublai Khan (1215-1294 AD) as imperial spiritual teacher.

There are three gates in the New Palace of Panchen. The first gate has four red poles supporting the eaves. After passing through the first gate you will go on a gravel path to the second gate which spans a quadrangle. After traveling the second gate you will see the magnificent palace. Entering the third gate, you can view the palace interior, including the Panchen Lama bedrooms, drawing rooms, sutra hall, Buddha hall and Buddhist Guardian Hall.