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West Street

 West Street

It is said "East or west, Guilin Landscape is the best; while Yangshuo landscape tops on Guilin".

Located in center of Yangshuo County, Yangshuo West Street is 1180 meters and 8 meters in length and width respectively. With marble pavement, antique buildings, tourist souvenirs and snacks filled in the street, it reflects strong local flavor all round. Moreover, it is also fascinating and charming in night with an exotic touch in a foreign land.

With a history of more than 1,400 years, West Street is the oldest street in Yangshuo County, and since the beginning of 1970s, it has been open to foreigners. After enjoying the landscape of Li River, Western tourists arrived in Yangshuo, and discovered this attractive small street hidden in the charming hills and rivers. Put package down, had a sip of coffee, and many of them didn't want to leave. They started to learn Chinese, Chinese Kongfu, and be foreign language teachers. They even married, had babies and lived here ever after. Bars, restaurants, artwork shops, calligraphy and painting shop, etc. are all in Chinese and foreign flavor. In the afternoon, you will find several tourists in different colors sitting around a street table and enjoying bear or coffee, some Chinese mother and western European father are playing with their babies of mixed blood. So, Yangshuo West Street also enjoys another name: Foreigner Street.